Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why I've Never Keep a Journal

It isn't as though I haven't tried. Believe me. I have a whole stack of beautiful journals, some with embossed leather covers, others of suede and gold lined sheets. And all other them basically empty save for those first five to ten pages where I have diligently written down a daily account. This journal, I say every time, will be the one I finish! Ha.

Now is it any wonder that I haven't written a damn thing on this blog since December? After all a blog is an on line journal. Why didn't I remember that when I started?

The funny thing is I am a writer. I write almost every day of my life. Except I've realized that I'd much rather write about other people than report on my own, rather dull life.

So this post is really just a little mea culpa to myself.

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